Photojournalism Goes Insane Over Pickle Story

Reading this story in today’s Metro, I couldn’t help but imagine the following conversation: 

The Photgrapher “Ok Alan, I think the BEST thing is if you lie flat on the floor with your arms outstretched and hold the ACUTAL jar of pickled onions out towards me as if you’re offering me one. Floor level style. Then we’ll place the dog over your body as if he’s pinning you inadvertently to the carpet. Look sort of desperate.” 

Alan: (clearly not prone to questioning the voice of professionalism and authority) “No Problem, like this?”

Photographer: “just tilt your head a little… Nice. You look great.”


0 thoughts on “Photojournalism Goes Insane Over Pickle Story

  1. Photographers can be… a bit directive. I’ve had a few pictures taken by professional photographers for publication in journals or magazines, and… I mean really! Move your head move your shoulders, bend on the desk, etc. Thank you that was fun!
    Take care

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