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I have worked with Rapha for 3 years producing 2 illustrated books from a series of 4 called The Rapha Manuals’. They are available to buy in all Rapha stores and online. I subsequently produced 12 short animations, which won a spot in the Creative Review Annual Awards for the animated content category. Telling stories around experiences of getting started in road cycling, and the challenges and pleasures this entails.

This required me to get fully kitted out in Rapha, learn to clip in, and cycle for 6 months every day, recording experiences and depicting them through animation. Rapha wanted the tone of these to be fun and approachable, in contrast to its better known ‘serious and sleek’ narrative as they felt this was off putting and less welcoming to a beginner.

I’m now a mean, keen, lycra queen!

Rapha Women's 100
Banana in the Pocket
Cat in the Road
Cycling Buddies
Stripped Support
Cyclist on Mountain Path
Caught Short
Happy Cyclist
Four Bikes
Saddle Height