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Imagine I am whispering this in your ear. Gently, softly and a little bit spitty-ly…

I can deal with the occasional TV ad for perfume (just), but at Christmas, the ratio crescendos to something more like a scream.

Everyone is leaping about in billowing chiffon looking, backwards over a slim raised shoulder with soft backlighting, or gritting teeth under stubbly jaw lines and frowning in darkish rooms. Not to mention the over sized bottle hugging and slow blinking. But what bothers me most is what they say/mumble/whisper. From Brad Pitt in Chanel No5 “Every journey ends but we go on….Inevi-d-able” or the Bleu de Chanel guy “I’m not going to be the person I’m expected to be anymore” (at this point he walks out of a press conference and all the bits of foamex board fall over) to Kiera Knightley’s painfully outstretched position on a motorbike wearing a tight flesh coloured cat suit, after jumping from the 3rd floor window of a photography studio that looks a bit like the Louvre to escape a male fashion photographer stashing a hard on.

I saw an ad yesterday for LOVERDOSE by Diesel. The model was beautiful and looking over her shoulder as expected, but the words went from bizarre to psychotic. It made me want to swap her over with Anne Wilkes of Stepen King’s ‘Mysery’ fame. So I have. But I haven’t changed the words in the ad. All I have done is added in the perfume bottle. I hope this helps to make my point.

perfume ads Loverdose by Diesel

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