Parenting. What about ‘Childing?’

Wee in your trousers

When your kids want something there really is no excuse available to you that they will accept. Wether it’s having another ice cream, watching another episode of Paw Patrol, not having a bath, or when you, yes YOU (remember!?) want to leave the playground, because you want a wee so much that you know one sneeze and ITS GAME OVER. There really are #NoExcuses. If I did Parenting like my kids do Childing things would get very militant. I mean telling me to piss myself so she can go on the swings? that’s NUTS.

7 thoughts on “Parenting. What about ‘Childing?’

  1. I once wrote, for my children when they were old enough to respect my rights as a parent, a Declaration of the Rights of the Parent. It is was lost in an earlier computer but it included things like this: “When a door needs to be opened, children will RUSH to open it for their parents. This makes up for years of us holding doors open for you until you chose to go through” and “Parents have a right to watch their own TV shows and movies without interruption except in emergencies.” It taught my children, then probably aged 7 and 10 or thereabouts, the basics of politeness and upheld our rights as parents to civility and respect. It also led to some questions, such as “Mom, is this an emergency? Buddy just peed on the floor.” Children will not learn respect for others unless they are taught, and that teaching can require an explicit code.

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