Election Stress and Confusion Causes Havoc With Under Ripe Avocado In Sock.

Election stress and uncertainty can manifest itself in many ways. Laura Wallington from Nottingham caused damage to property today after putting an under ripe avocado into an odd Jojo Maman Bebe sock and swinging it about in M&S foodhall, sending whole shelves of quinoa, beetroot and couscous crashing onto the floor and ruining people’s Converse.

“The election results have sent my head spinning, and when I couldn’t find a ripe avocado it all got too much. I had an odd sock in my handbag that my daughter asked me to hold a few days ago and something just came over me”. She explained. “It did feel good though”.

Avo and Sock_sml

Marks and spencer’s Store Manager commented “we wont press charges on this occasion, as this is quite rare, although I understand how she feels, we are living in very uncertain times. Only last week I covered my whole face on lipstick while I was getting ready to go to the pub.”


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