Effortless Confessions

I found a box of eggs on the carpet in the corner behind the curtains. They were 2 months past their use by date and like small grenades ready to go off at any moment. I knew immediately who the culprit was. But I didn’t expect   Such a total lack of remorse, she barely blinked at the question and continued to stuff her fistful of crisps into her fat little chops. 


0 thoughts on “Effortless Confessions

  1. Hello! I’ve found your blog – very interesting? so the first image was composed with your son, wow, cool. Ok, so I’ve also so your sketches about in the top or above about human wife being, sorry, as American saies. I ment for women in Europe it’s awfull to leave, sometimes we with my 20-jahre brother going to Church (Christian) and take candles, but the some of the about 25$ for one. Questions are limited because we have with brother have to work hard. Please follow my blog there is nice programming, I’m middle programmer in WP but often write my own plugins. Maybe for you it would be usefull

  2. I think that everyone who has kids knows about their genuine strategies to make everything dirty and crazy. But we still love them, which is something I can feel from your drawing.

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