0 thoughts on “Eaves Dropping again

  1. Thanks Laura, that was a flashback to an all too familiar scene in my 20s having to schmooze and network in the media industry! Good luck with it and I’m so happy to not have to do that anymore 🙂

  2. I recognize this! But here are suggestions for next time:

    “That sounds like such an interesting job! What are you working on these days?”

    “Wow, Ruler of the Entire Region! That sounds great. What kind of background leads to a job like that?”

    In other words, when tongue-tied, ask about the other person. It works.

  3. Ha! This is hilarious! GAWD I know that feeling. There is never enough wine for a soul sucking experience like that. Glad you survived to write a good post about it. I’m not a network fan, feels so predatory.

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