What Women Look Like Naked. Really

I normally see semi clad women on a fashion shoot, so my perspective has been somewhat distorted. That and all the magazines. Well might I suggest a trip to your local swimming pool. Gentlemen (and I think you already know this) This is what the majority of women look like really. You naughty lying magazines, you.


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53 thoughts on “What Women Look Like Naked. Really

  1. We all buy into the fact that we should look like supermodels; men and women. A girl’s locker room isn’t quite the heavenly picture portrayed in movies and our naughty minds. 😛
    Truth be told though, we could if we wanted to. It takes discipline to which I myself is sorely lacking.

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    This is so very true isn’t it? Real women come in a variety of shapes and sizes, we would be better as a society to understand that and appreciate that we come in different sizes. Loved this blog today

  3. So true! I was in Mexico recently with my husband and some friends and we were at awe at all the different, and confident, body types. From fully nude to regular bathing suits. It was a great environment to be in, in all honesty. Love this!

  4. Great! I recall my first trip with friends to a topless beach in France. The men were so excited at the idea…until they realized that most of the topless women were NOT fashion models. Personally, I thought it was great to see women of every shape and size (and age!) comfortable and confident in their bodies.

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    I see women all the time surreptitiously check the other women out in locker rooms with an apprehensive look on their face. What are they scared of? They’re scared of seeing someone who actually looks like those women in magazines/television. When they don’t, when they see normal, healthy, realistic looking women, it’s amazing how quickly the tension oozes out of them.

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    I couldn’t agree more. 🙂 Love your ever changing body and everybody elses. It’s a wee journey in life and like everything else it goes up and down, fluctuates. Ups and downs. Ebbing and flowing. Get in the boat and set sail.

  7. Yes! Thank you! I find if I ever need a healthy body image re-adjustment, a trip to the onsen (Japanese hot spring, no clothes allowed) does the trick. Even though most Japanese women are typically pretty slim you still get to see bodies of all types, ages and sizes. And we’re all beautiful. 🙂

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