0 thoughts on “Paris Attacks: What They Want

  1. It’s terrible to see we are capable of so much horror. Thank you for your images, we should just be there for each other. We are nothing alone and we are nothing if we do harm.

  2. True we musn’t turn on each other. Yet you can’t have a winner without a loser. You can’t win without turning on them.

    But yes. Truly sad and scary.

  3. From the bottom of my heart I agree with your thoughts. We are an Anglo-German family living proof that nations can have real healing after national conflicts. We are learning to listen and learn from each other, listen again and where we disagree, agreeing to disagree. We are learning to love the person for who they are not what they have done. Our hearts go out to all those affected in Paris, and we want them to know we stand by them this week.

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