Pam Hogg Show – Far From the Madding Crowd

Went to see Pam Hogg’s Far From the Madding Crowd on Sunday on Mercer St with my friend Julia Kennedy. I drew some clothes but also, and just as interesting, some of the audience, from a plastic doll man carrying a blow up dog (aka Pandemonia) to a version of Hardey from Laurel and Hardey in a bowler cap and red cape.


Furry fury


boobs straps and crows

Large head dresses with fabric draped over them and the body.

Now for the Audience:

Guess who?
Only had time for the hat and eyebrows
Mutual appreciation is a fashion world favourite, or should I say 'Fave'?!


He is quite something. No sign of skin anywhere. Rubber's the word.

I also had first hand experience of Jamie Winstone’s chin/pout combo.

This young lady took pouting to a new level.
Her chin almost made me blush she popped it out so far. .

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