Calling Your School Rumours

We all heard school rumours when we were kids. Most of them are a little bit rude. All of them are fairly un reasonable. I have been drawing them for a while now and I need some more. Would you kindly rack your collective brains and see what you can remember from your days?

Here are 3 examples

Malt loaf rumour Sister Greta




0 thoughts on “Calling Your School Rumours

  1. It was rumored that my 9th grade math teacher, Mr. Mchoney kept his desk in the back of the room so that he could guzzle vodka while his students were working. Also, Lori Newson lost her virginity to the neck of a Budweiser beer bottle, and Ms. McGnaw never wore a bra in an attempt to give her young male students their first boner. This is, of course, all speculation and all names have been altered by one letter to protect the potentially innocent. Hope this helps! 😉

  2. Two girls at my school went round asking all the girls if they wore knickers or pants. If you said pants you’d go to prison for EVER! (one of them had a Dad who was an actual policeman so we all knew it must be true).

    Also we had a teacher called chalky balls bdcause hed rub himself agsinst the blackboard

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