A Brief Visit to the Local Casino

What is it about casinos that’s so depressing?…….:

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0 thoughts on “A Brief Visit to the Local Casino

  1. I find that too. Casinos are very depressing. Our governments are using them as a endless source of revenue at the expense and to the misery of its people.

  2. I visited a casino with a friend in Macau some years ago and found it unexpectedly depressing and almost seedy. The weird , silent atmosphere made us feel very uncomfortable and oddly ashamed that we should be party to people gambling like this. There was no fun to be had and needless to say we left rather quickly. Love the drawings though!!

  3. I was completely shocked when I went to my brother’s wedding in Vegas. I went up to my room around 8pm, passed a lady chain smoking, pressing buttons. I came down TWELVE HOURS later, and she hadn’t moved an inch.

  4. Casinos are sad places where you see people with gambling addiction and it rips a family apart I can tell you its depressing.

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