Commissioned Work

The following two images are examples of the way I love to work, if I work very large. The originals are up to (so far) 8 foot square, made up of 2 foot squares of 5mm MDF, pushed flush together. It is my favourite surface for painting onto.

Hackney Casino

It takes a real bashing. Sandpapering, collaging, painting, and layering my work. Sometimes printing parts of it out, cutting into it, and re-layering it back on. Working back into it and so on until it naturally reaches its point of conclusion.

Detailed drawings; Normally around A4 or A3 in size. Sometimes an idea for an image lends itself better to a more detailed, maximal approach. I use pencil, ink, gouache, posca pens or watercolour. Sometimes a mix. It creates a sense of strong colour and form, as well as texture. SOmetimes it is places, sometimes people.

Mr Stink

My fountain pen. I have been drawing with it for years. It feels like an extension of my arm. It works for gestural, expressive work. Often starring a loved one, a conversation, and interaction, or pets. This technique often stays black and white, sometimes requires a bit of colour and I tend to draw on cream Leuchtturm paper, however sometimes coloured paper does the job perfectly. It depends on the reference.

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