The Name I Remember You By #1

I am working on a new series of drawings inspired by the strange names we put in our phones. Names we put in to remember someone who, with just their name alone we may forget, or sometimes they become someone close to us but we don’t know at that moment. I on occassion have drawn […]


Praying and Christmas

What is happening in Syria, and with it’s refugees is especially appalling at Christmas because of the obvious contrast between our western festive habits, and what is happening to these people. Personally I don’t pray. Not per se. I tend to direct my wishes and thoughts upwards towards the stars with a general sense that […]


On Trend Facial Defects: An Idiots Guide

What’s hot and what’s not is of paramount importance in the topsy turvy world of fashion. We all know it’s beards, crooked noses, post war hats and thick glasses for the gents, but it seems women are now allowed imperfections too..But there is a fine line…You still have to be basically fit. with just one […]